Buying a House in the Winter




There is always an "on" and "off" season when it comes to purchasing anything. Grabbing laptops on Cyber Monday and TVs on Black Friday and buying a house in the peak of Summer. While it is true that there are perks to purchasing in the on-season, there are also advantages to buying items in the off-season, like buying yard furniture in the winter and Summer clothes in the Fall. You'll get clearance prices and avoid the mad rush of competing consumers. Believe it or not, this is also a great reason to buy a house in the off-season. 


Attention and Low prices

At peak Summer season, while you have a large inventory to choose from, you have more competition of offers and less attention from realtors as their time is spread thin. Looking at homes in the Fall and Winter months, know that sellers are motivated to sell, which usually equates to closing on a home sooner. Your agent will have more dedicated time to work and advocate for you since most of their clients will be searching for homes six months from now. List prices of homes may be lower, and lenders may have special incentives to work with them on a home loan as it is a 'slow' time for them too.


Fall and Winter House Insight

You get insight into how the home holds up with harsher conditions, different lighting, and a peek into the neighborhood's hustle and bustle. Is it quiet, or does the street get high traffic due to high Holiday decoration participation? If it snows in the area, how often are the roads cleared, and if it rains, this may present leaks that would otherwise be dormant during the dry months. It's also a good chance to see how the current landscape holds up, the plants, trees, and types of leaves. Do you see a leaf blower in your future? These are all house maintenance considerations that wouldn't come up if you bought a house in the spring and summer months. 

Don't let anyone tell you that waiting to buy in the Summer is best. When you are ready to buy, anytime is the right time. 'Tis the Season.



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